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About the Budget and Investments Function

Budget and Investments are managed by Finance Director Ann Marie S. Ricardi.

City of Naples 2014-2015 Budget
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This function is responsible for the following:

v     Provides coordination for all City departments in preparing, submitting and developing operating and capital budgets

v     Submits information packets to the Department of Revenue concerning “Truth in Millage”

v     Analyzes expenditures and revenues of all departments’ approved budgets

v     Forecasts cash flows to generate additional revenue and meet operating needs

v     Maintains accounts to ensure City compliance with debt service requirements

Resident Participation

Public Workshops
View the City Calendar to find upcoming Budget Workshops

Budget Suggestion Box
Make recommendations and suggestions using the Budget Suggestion Box form.  This form is transmitted to the Finance Department, and the information will be compiled in a database.

More Information
For additional budget information or for an opportunity to make other suggestions, contact the city at for a prompt reply.

Past Budgets

2013-14 2003-04 1993-94 1983-84
2012-13 2002-03 1992-93 1982-83
2011-12 2001-02 1991-92 1981-82
2010-11 2000-01 1990-91 1980-81
2009-10 1999-00 1989-90 1979-80
2008-09 1998-99 1988-89 1978-79
2007-08 1997-98 1987-88 1977-78
2006-07 1996-97 1986-87 1976-77
2005-06 1995-96 1985-86 1975-76
2004-05 1994-95 1984-85 1974-75