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About the Finance Department
The City of Naples Finance Department is responsible for all financial operations of the city and ensuring citywide internal controls and accountability.  The Finance Department has three main functions/operating divisions: 

Finance Director
The Finance Department is led by Finance Director Ann Marie S. Ricardi, who has been with the city since June 2002.

Ms. Ricardi holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Tennessee and a bachelor's in finance from Michigan State University.

Ms. Ricardi is a certified government finance officer (CGFO) and a certified public finance officer.

Contact the Finance Department
For information about a utility bill, contact 239-213-1800. For general information, contact 239-213-1820.

The City of Naples is the proud recipient of the Government Finance Officers Association
Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the year beginning 10/1/2014.  The City has received this award for ten years.  

Naples has also earned the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ending 9/30/2015.  The City has received this award for 34 years.  

Both reports (the budget and the CAFR) will continue to be submitted for these prestigious awards. 

Special Assessments
The City has three special assessment districts – Bembury Assessment Area, Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District, and the Port Royal Area Dredging District. 

The City is in the process of establishing special assessment for Gulf Acres and Rosemary Heights.  Residents in this area have already received their first notification.   Future notices will be posted soon.

The Bembury Assessment Area was established in 2014 by Resolution 14-13485. Property owners had the option to pay the assessment 2015, or pay the amount (with interest and administrative fees) over a 20- year period on the tax bill, starting in November 2015.  B
ills were issued to 53 parcel owners in March 2015 for property owners to consider prepaying this special assessment, and there were 22 prepayments.  The remaining 31 customers will pay on their annual tax bill. 

The Fifth Avenue South Business Improvement District (BID) was established in December 2010 by Resolution 10-12820.  The BID has a life of 10 years and funds are managed by the Fifth Avenue BID.    For information about the operations of the BID, visit their website at:

The Port Royal Area Dredging District was created in 2011 by Resolution 11-12978 to assess property for maintenance dredging.  Customers who didn’t prepay for their share of the dredging will be assessed over a 6 year period.  The first bill was in November 2014.    

The City has outsourced the management of special assessment districts. The data base, the transmittal of assessment information, the calculation of outstanding assessments, and the communication of this information related to property sales is managed by the consulting firm NBS.
For more information contact: NBS at

SEC Rules & Impact On Issuers of Debt

The City of Naples has retained the firm of Dunlap & Associates, Inc. as its municipal advisor.  The City of Naples is represented by and will rely on Dunlap & Associates to provide advice on proposals from financial services firms concerning the issuance of municipal securities and municipal financial products, including investments of bond proceeds and escrow investments.  Dunlap & Associates, Inc. contact information is as follows:

Dunlap & Associates, Inc.
1146 Keyes Avenue
Winter Park, FL  32789

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Finance Department
735 Eighth St. S.
Naples, FL 34102

Fax: 239-213-1805


Department Director
Ann Marie Ricardi

Customer Service

Monday - Friday
Finance: 8 am - 5 pm
Customer Service: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.