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Natural Resources
The goal of the City of Naples Natural Resources Division is to fulfill the City’s vision of becoming the green jewel of Southwest Florida. The methodology for accomplishing this is through the protection and restoration of the City’s natural life support systems – its waterways and other natural areas. The people of Naples place great value on Naples Bay, the Moorings Bay system, the beaches, and the sea turtles, dolphins, fish, birds, and other creatures that live therein. The City’s residents understand that not only is a healthy ecosystem necessary for the continued existence of natural plant and animal species, but that the human population also needs a beneficial environment in order to prosper. 
Over the last several years, the Natural Resources Division has evolved from a permitting office to a science, management, and education agency. The direction of the Division has been underscored by City Council’s interest in improving environmental water quality, estuarine habitat, and the overall enhancement of the City’s natural environment. Further, external issues such as sea level rise and monetary constraints have created added importance to the work of the Division. Its work encompasses a wide range of duties, including scientific monitoring and research, habitat management and restoration, educational outreach, and environmental protection.

For example, the Division has taken many steps to improve the waters and habitats of the Naples Bay estuary. Water is sampled in Naples Bay monthly for turbidity, salinity, temperature, and other physical parameters, and the samples are laboratory-tested for various nutrients, bacteria, and heavy metals. Staff are also working to improve the natural habitats of the city through the establishment of oyster reefs, the protection of seagrass beds, the planting of shoreline vegetation, the promotion of the shoreline riprapping, and the restoration of dunes.

In 2009, the work of the City’s Natural Resources Division was recognized at the state level when it was awarded the Florida Local Environmental Resource Agency’s 2009 Environmental Leadership Award. However, the Division recognizes its responsibilities are ongoing and that the work to be done is greater than the ability to accomplish it in any one year. The green jewel still needs to be shaped and polished. Many diverse efforts are under way, and of particular significance, the means of measuring improvements to Naples Bay and Moorings Bay have now been established.

Natural Resources

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