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Naples Parks Master Plan

The City of Naples is working to complete a Parks Master Plan. As part of this project, the City hired Dr. David Barth of Barth Associates to review existing planning documents for background information, complete a statistically valid Needs Assessment Survey and to make recommendations for short and long term improvements. The documents attached to this page include the DRAFT Parks Master Plan and PowerPoint presentation that was delivered to the Naples City Council on January 19, 2016, and the final findings report of the statistically valid Needs Assessment Survey.

It is important to understand that the recommendations in the attached documents are not the final recommendations. Instead, the attached documents will be used to begin additional analysis and review by the Community Services Advisory Board and City staff. There will also be opportunities for additional public input as the final recommendations are developed for further review by City Council (at a future date).

Should you have questions about the attached documents, please call the Naples Community Services Department at 239-213-7120.