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Central Avenue Improvement Project
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Central Avenue is now Open!

The City of Naples’ Central Avenue Improvement Project was a major transportation enhancement currently underway along the Central Avenue corridor between 8th Street and Goodlette-Frank Road. The purpose of the Central Avenue Improvement Project was to:

• Provide a road that will accommodate traffic through at least 2035.
• Provide continuous sidewalks along the corridor that are safe and unobstructed by parked vehicles.
• Construct dedicated bicycle lanes to match up with the existing bike lanes on Central Avenue, west of 8th Street.    
• Provide continuous bicycle connectivity from the beach to Baker Park and the Gordon River Greenway.
• Add on-street parking.
• Beautify Central Avenue with streetscape improvement 
• Address major stormwater flooding issues.
• Install a section of water main

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The Central Avenue Improvement project will improve safety and help to prevent dangerous traffic conflicts such as this...

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