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Bicycle Panel
                         Green Bicycle Lane Panels

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The City of Naples Streets and Stormwater department is currently in the process of upgrading existing bike lanes.  The city has installed 20 foot long green thermoplastic bike lane panels at intersections with bike lanes.  Thermoplastic bike lane panels are environmentally friendly street markings engineered for use in high-traffic areas subjected to vehicular and bicycle traffic.  

The City of Naples believes in supporting cycling as a healthy form of exercise and a great way to get around town.  And the bike lane panels support this belief and will serve to improve safety for both motorists and cyclists.  Specific advantages of the green bike lane panels include promoting awareness and understanding of the bike lanes purpose, increasing lane visibility and identifying potential areas of conflict on the road.  

Additionally, the 20 foot green bike lane panels offer features and benefits that are superior to standard road surface paint.  The green bike lane panels are durable, lasting up to 8 times longer than paint. They are also versatile, environmentally friendly and quick to install. 


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