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Public Records
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What is a Public Record?                            
The Florida Public Records Chapter 119 is designed to give the public access to records in the possession of public agencies. 

What is a Public Records Request?
A public records request is a request to either inspect or copy or both, public records pursuant
 to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes and Article I, Section 24 of the State Constitution. There is no requirement that the request be made in person or in writing, or be in any particular form. The person making the request is not required to identify himself/herself, or to provide information about the reason for the request or how the records will be used. The request must be clear enough to enable the City to conduct a meaningful search. The City may ask questions about the request in order to respond to the request fully and in a timely manner. The City of Naples acknowledges that access to information is a fundamental and necessary right of every citizen of Naples.

Where can I request a Public Record?
Requests for public records may be submitted to one of the following:

  • Building Department by phone (239) 213-5040, in person (295 Riverside Circle) or by submitting the online Public Records Request Building's form; or
  • Police Department by phone (239) 213-4890, in person (355 Riverside Circle) or by submitting the online Public Records Request Police’s form; or
  • All other departments by phone (239) 213-1015, in person at the City Clerk’s Office (735 8th Street South, 1st Floor) or by submitting the online Public Records Request all other departments form.          
Please note that the City does not have copies of birth or death certificates or divorce decrees. Please contact Collier County main number 239-252-8999 for this infomation.      

Some public records are already provided for the public on the Naples City website and are immediately available for viewing and downloading.     
The intent of this directory is to provide a quick reference guide to help locate commonly requested services within our City, County and State. While we cannot guarantee the integrity of the listings, we have made a diligent effort to provide accurate information. 

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