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Vendor Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Electronic Funds Transfer

The City of Naples offers the opportunity for vendors of the City to receive payments electronically, instead of by check.  About 25% of the city’s vendors have been using this program since it was started more than a year ago.

The benefits of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) are numerous.  This free service provides secure payments to City of Naples vendors; EFT eliminates checks that can be lost in the mail or stolen.  Vendor payments arrive more quickly; money is deposited immediately into the banking account, whereas checks can take days or longer.  Vendors save time because they no longer need to stand in line to process check payments at the bank.  Why wait? Enroll today by completing the three easy sections on the application.

What is Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT?

  • Electronic Funds Transfer, often called EFT, is a transfer of funds initiated electronically.  It is a payment method that replaces sending a paper check.

Is there a cost for using EFT payments?

  • No, the City of Naples does not charge for vendor payments received through an EFT payment.

How do vendors enroll in EFT?

When will EFT payments begin?

  • It can take up to a month before EFT payments are established.  Until then, payments will be sent by check.

How do vendors know when the payments have been deposited?

  • Vendors will get an email notifying them when their money is deposited into the bank.  Vendors may also contact their banks directly or use online banking or bank statements to confirm their deposits. 

Who do vendors notify if there is a discrepancy?

  • Vendors should contact the City of Naples Accounts Payable Division at 239-213-1817.

What if money is credited to the wrong account?

  • If vendors forget to notify the City of Naples after changing banks or accounts, or perhaps a vendor provides wrong account information, then the receiving bank will reject the payment and the City of Naples will be notified.  Rather than delay the vendor’s payment, the City of Naples will then mail a check.  The vendor will then need to update their account information with the City of Naples. 

How should vendors notify the City of Naples about bank account changes?

What if the vendor’s address changes?

Can the EFT payment process be terminated?

  • Vendors can terminate EFT payments by submitting their request in writing

What if a vendor’s name or tax identification number changes?

  • Vendors that change names or tax identification numbers must submit a new EFT application.