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The Edge Johnny Nocera Skate Park

About The Edge 239-213-3020
There are separate bike and skate days and separate hours for under 14's.  Please see the complete schedule on the right side of this page (not visible on mobile devices) or call the park for more information.

The Edge Johnny Nocera Skate Park is located in Fleischmann Park next to the Community Center on the "edge" of Fleischmann Blvd and Goodlette Rd.

The skate park is over 40,000 square feet with a combination of wood and concrete ramp structures. We offer a variety of styles from flow to street and beginner to advanced levels. The park includes a plaza, mini plaza, and a concrete snake run, bowl, and pool.


Skate Park Fees
Fees Effective January 1, 2016:
Residents of Collier County
  • Annual Pass - $60
  • Family Package (3) - $120
  • Day Pass - $10
  • Day Pass - $20
  • 6 Month Pass - $60

Membership/Waiver and Skate Park Information
To skate and/or  bike at The Edge Johnny Nocera Skate Park the proper waiver form must be downloaded from our Forms Page, completed and returned to our office.
If the participant is under the age of 18, the waiver MUST be signed by a parent or legal guardian. Fla. Stat. 316.0085(3). A waiver cannot be signed by a grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother sister, neighbor or friend.  A new waiver must be completed each year.

Skate Park Rules
Rules and Regulations Information:
  • Skate/bike at your own risk...The City assumes no responsibility for injuries
  • Each member must check in prior to skating/biking
  • All bikes must meet Edge Johnny Nocera Skate Park equipment standards
  • Throwing or dropping equipment in or on concrete and or on ramps is prohibited
  • No supervision provided at any time - parental supervision is encouraged
  • No spectators allowed in skating areas of the facility without signing a waiver
  • Profanity, fighting, reckless behavior, and/or improper conduct is prohibited
  • Vandalism, destroying or defacing public property is prohibited
  • Entering the skate park during closed hours is prohibited and will be treated as trespassing
  • Tobacco, alcohol, weapons, and/or drugs is strictly prohibited in the skate park
  • Members and guests must obey park staff at all times
  • No littering: All trash goes in the trash receptacles
  • No waxing: Rails, coping, ledges, or any other ramp structure within the skate park
  • No scooters allowed
  • Parents & legal guardians are responsible for child's behavior

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The Edge Johnny Nocera
Skate Park
Located in Fleischmann Park
1600 Fleischmann Blvd.
Naples, FL 34102

Phone: 239-213-3020
Fax: 239-213-3018


Skate Park Hours
See special Holiday Hours Below

Skate Sessions 14 & Up (or accompanied by a parent):
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 
10 am - 8:00 pm

Wednesday (18 and up only)
8:00pm - 10:00pm

4 pm -  8 pm

Noon - 4 pm

Skate Sessions Ages 13 & Under

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

4 pm -  8 pm

Noon - 4 pm

Bike Sessions 14 & Up (or accompanied by a parent):
Monday and Thursday 
10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Noon - 4 pm

4 pm - 8 pm

Bike Sessions 13 & Uunder:
Monday and Thursday 
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Noon - 4 pm

4 pm - 8 pm


Holiday Hours

Closed Sunday April 16

Park Manager

Jennifer Fox