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Do The Right Thing Program
DTRT.gifThe Naples Police Department Do The Right Thing Program DTRT.gif

The Naples Police Department is proud to announce the start of a newly created Do The Right Thing Program. The program is designed to recognize school aged children within our community who are doing good things. The Do The Right Thing program is a community based initiative which brings the Naples Police Department together with our community, local businesses, local schools, community organizations, city recreational centers, and most importantly, our youth. The goal of this program is to reinforce exemplary behavior while helping to build self esteem. It is also our intent to build bridges of trust throughout our community and to publicly thank our youth for their positive deeds and contributions to this community. 

Who can nominate a child: 

Any adult who has knowledge of a child's good deed in the City of Naples.

How to nominate a child: 

By posting the nomination on the Do The Right Thing link which can be found on the City of Naples Police Department Web site. The child's name, school, the nominators contact number and a brief synopsis of the good deed must be included. DTRT Nomination forms will be provided to all schools within the City of Naples and all City of Naples recreational centers. A Naples Police Department DTRT program coordinator will visit all schools, parks and community centers within the City of Naples on a monthly basis to collect any nomination forms generated. 


Ceremonies will be held at the Naples City Council chambers on a monthly basis. DTRT winners will be identified as role models within our community and a brief synopsis of the child's good deed will be explained. Parents, local schools, city parks, sponsors and donors will also be recognized for their contributions and support for the DTRT program. 

Some examples of good deeds: 

Turning in something that was lost
Helping someone in need
Helping to keep their school safe
Acts of selfless service to include volunteering time in our community
Volunteering time to charitable organizations
Improving school grades 
Acts which help improve our environment

Refer someone with our online form

The "Do the Right Thing" Committee:

Mayor Bill Barnett

Stanley Bryant (Assistant Principal, NHS)

Lise Sundrla (B.I.D. Executive Director 5th Av. S.)

Sharon Kenny (Aqualane Shores H.O.A. Board member)

Willie Anthony (River Park H.O.A. Vice President)

Kevin Huelsman (Principal Gulfview Middle School)

Patrick O’Connor (Local Businessman and DTRT Committee Chairperson)

Francis Nortman (President of the Gulf Shore Association of Condominiums)

Tim Morrison (Development Specialist at Naples Holocaust Museum and Education Center)



Platinum Sponsors 

Naples Holocaust Museum and Education Center
City of Naples Airport Authority
Culinary Concepts
Patrick O'Connor - Premier Sotheby's International Realty

Gold Sponsors

Vergina Restaurant
Mangrove Cafe

Cafe Luna
The Dock/Riverwalk Restaurant 
 Cosmos Cafe & Pizzeria
Naples Community Hospital
Naples Yacht Club

Silver Sponsors

Alberto’s on Fifth
Regina's Ice Cream
Rita's Italian Ice
Aqua Restaurant
L'Angolo 5th Avenue
The Trophy Case of Naples

Flower Spot
Fifth Third Bank
Tommy Bahama
Lake Park Elementary PTO
Grouper and Chips

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tommy.jpg     Naples YC    top_graphic.jpg

April 2017

Cesare Mellusi - Naples High School

Cesare Mellusi.jpg

Kale Shust - Naples High School

Kale Shust.jpg

Wooby Theork - Naples High School

Wooby Theork.jpg

Samuel Faustin - Naples High School

Samuel Faustin.jpg

March 2017

Amanda Shepard - Naples High School

Amanda Shepard.jpg

Gavin Moon - Seagate Elementary School

Gavin Moon.jpg

February 2017

DTRT 2-1-2017.jpg
From left to right: Riley Voigt - Lake Park Elementary, Matthew Lehman - Lake Park Elementary, Loudlyne Pierre - Naples High School

December 2016

Evan Freshwater - Seagate Elementary School

Evan Freshwater.jpg

Zachary Deans - Lake Park Elementary School

Zachary Deans.jpg

October 2016

Eire Layton - Lake Park Elementary

Eire Layton.jpg

Ella Youmans - Lake Park Elementary

Ella Youmans.JPG

May 2016

Group Picture

Group 111.jpg
From left to right: Colin Madwar, Xavian Michel, Yalen Dalmaut, Lake Park Elementary School Principal Mr. Christopher Marker

Xavian Michel - Lake Park Elementary School

xavian michel1.jpg

Colin Madwar - Lake Park Elementary School

colin madwar.jpg

Yalen Dalmaut - Lake Park Elementary School
Yalen Dalmaut1.jpg

March 2016

Group Picture

From left to right top row: Lt. Seth Finman, Chief Tom Weschler, Lt. Michael O'Reilly, Officer Jennifer Casciano, Sgt. Kyle Bennett
From left to right bottom row: Hannah Finman, Jake Finman, Jonathon Fajardo, Devon Fajardo, Cristian Birrueta

Devon and Jonathon Fajardo - Gulf View Middle School

Devon Fajardo Gulf View Middle.JPG

Jake and Hannah Finman - Lake Park Elementary School

Jake and Hannah Finman Lake Park Elementary.JPG

Cristian Birrueta - Naples High School
Cristian Birrueta.jpg

February 2016

Group Picture

Group pic.jpg

From left to right: Germaine Jean-Pierre, Kylie Stevens, Kylie Boone, Meghan Fitzgerald, and Savannah Nourse

Kylie Nourse - Lake Park Elementary

Kylie Nourse - Lake Park Elementary.jpg

Kylie Boone - Lake Park Elementary

Kylie Boone - Lake Park Elementary.jpg

Germaine Jean-Pierre - Seagate Elementary

Germaine Jean Pierre -.jpg

Savannah Nourse - Seagate Elementary 

Savannah Nourse - Seagate Elementary.jpg

Meghan Fitzgerald - Lake Park Elementary

Meghan Fitzgeral - Lake Park Elementary.jpg

December 2015

Group Picture
From left to right: Chief Tom Weschler, Joshua Williams, Kyle Hovland, Officer Jennifer Casciano, Emma Disarro, Lt. Michael O'Reilly, Hunter Manning, Christen Boyd, Lt. Seth Finman

Group Picture
From left to right: Joshua Williams, Kyle Hovland, Emma Disarro, Hunter Manning, Christen Boyd

Joshua Williams - Gulfview Middle School
Joshua Williams - Gulfview Middle School.JPG

Kyle Hovland - Gulfview Middle School

Hunter Manning - Naples High School1

Emma Disarro - Poinciana Elementary School

Christen Boyd - Naples High School

November 2015

Lizzie Orstad - Gulfview Middle School
Lizzie Orstad.JPG

Stevie Curcio - Gulfview Middle School


Damian Shafer - Gulfview Middle School

Damian Shafer.JPG

Nicholas Ayan - Seacrest Country Day School


October 2015

Michael Fredette - Gulfview Middle School

Jesse Grady - Saint Ann's School

Emmanuel Giraldo Castano - Seagate Elementary Scool

John Scanlon - Naples High School

Special Recognition 
May 13th, 2015
School Year 2014-2015

The "Do the Right Thing" committee gives special recognition to Lake Park Elementary School Students for their good deeds this school year. 

Bonnie Musaev.jpg

From left to right: Master Officer Jennifer Casciano, Bonnie Musaev, and Lieutenant Seth Finmann.  

Beck Khasanov.jpg

From left to right: Master Officer Jennifer Casciano, Beck Khasanov, and Lieutenant Seth Finmann.  

lake park save the ducks.jpg

From left to right: Deputy Luis Soto, Master Officer Jennifer Casciano, Asst. Principal Christen Krembs, Beck  Khasanov, Principal  Christopher Marker, and Lieutenant Seth Finmann.  

The "Do the Right Thing" committee gives special recognition to Naples High School Students for their good deeds this school year. 


From left to right: Chief Thomas Weschler, Noah Cook, Austin Peel, Eric Harris, David Hardwick, Mayor John Sorey, Nolan Chappell, Aiden Santiago, Alessandra Rivarola, Lully Dominguez, Lt. Seth Finmann, Principal Kevin Saba.


May 2015

Sophia Sinberg - Lake Park Elementary School


Scarlette Velez - Naples High School


Steven Riley - Mason Classical Academy


Sonny Hogle - Lake Park Elementary


Evan Calkins - Seagate Elementary


Group Picture of May 2015 Winners


April 2015

Bryan Cavazos - Naples High School


Natalie  Steer - The Mason Classical Academy


Sophia Nocera - Lake Park Elementary School 


Tenequa Smith - Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology


Group Picture of April 2015 Winners

Group.jpg  Group 1.jpg

March 2015

Lily Wahlfeld

Lily Wahlfeld.JPG

Mila Costantini

Mila Costnantini.JPG

Nicolaus Costantini 

Nicolaus Costantini.JPG

Skye Abad

Skye Abad.JPG

Trulee Taylor

Trulee Taylor.JPG

Group Picture of March 2015 Winners
From left to right: Trulee Taylor, Skye Abad, Lily Wahlfeld, Hannah Rodriguez, Nicolaus Costantini, Mila Costantini

Group Trulee Taylor - Skye Abad - Lily Wahlfeld - Hannah Rodriguez - Nicholas Costantini - Mila Costantini.jpg

February 2015

Ashley Jean - Gulfview Middle School

Ashley Jean - Gulfview Middle School.jpg

Darice Pollard - Naples High School

Darice Pollard - Naples High School.jpg

Joseph Mahtala - Lake Park Elementary

Joseph Mahtala - Lake Park Elementary.jpg

Tyler Shaw - Naples High School

Tyler Shaw - Naples High School.jpg

Wade Davey - Mason Classical Academy

Wade Davey - Mason Classical Academy.jpg

Group Picture of February 2015 Winners
From left to right: Ashley Jean, Tyler Shaw, Darice Pollard, Wade Davey, Joseph Mahtala.

Group - Ashley Jean - Tyler Shaw - Darice Pollard - Wade Davey - Joseph Mahtala.jpg

January 2015

Alma Ortiz

Alma Ortiz.jpg

Charles Sonalia 

Charles Sonalia.jpg

Claire Hanlon - Seagate Elementary School

Claire Hanlon - Seagate Elementary School.jpg

Katherine Shipers - The Community School of Naples

Katherine Shipers - The Community School of Naples.jpg

Mitchell Reidy - Naples High School

Mitchell Reidy - Naples High School.jpg

December 2014
Christopher Poteet - Naples High School
Christopher Poteet - Naples High School.jpg

Claire Daniels - Gulfview Middle School
Claire Daniels - Gulfview Middle School.jpg

Jaclyn Gallegos - Naples High School
Jaclyn Gallegos - Naples High School.jpg

Julianna Doran - Naples High School
Julianna Doran - Naples High School.jpg

October 2014
Ben Peterson
Ben Peterson - Pine Ridge Middle School.jpg

Cristina Castillo - Community School of Naples
Cristina Castillo - Community School of Naples.jpg

David Banas - Naples High School
David Banas - Naples High School.jpg

Marc Newberry - Naples High School
Marc Newberry - Naples High School.jpg

Olivia de St. Pierre - Pine Ridge Middle School
Olivia de St. Pierre - Pine Ridge Middle School.jpg

April 2014
Elizabeth Vasquez - Barron Collier High School
Elizabeth Vasquez - Barron Collier High School.jpg

Franklin Boyd - Naples High School
Franklin Boyd - Naples High School.jpg

Tania Cueval - Naples High School
Tania Cueval - Naples High School.jpg

Group Picture of April 2014 Winners
From left to right: Franklin Boyd, Elizabeth Vazquez, Tania Cueval.
Group from left to right - Franklin Floyd, Elizabeth Vazquez, Tania Cuevas.jpg

March 2014
Allesandra Britolo - Sea Gate Elementary School
Allensandra Britolo - Sea Gate Elementary School.jpg

Carvey Joseph - Naples High School
Cavey Joseph - Naples High School.jpg

Gracie Brown - Saint Ann's School
Gracie Brown - Saint Anns School.jpg

James Stone - Bonita Middle School
James Stone - Bonita Middle School.jpg

Kaitlyn Partello - Sea Gate Elementary School
Kaitlyn Partello - Sea Gate Elementary School.jpg

Makayla Haar - Lake Park Elementary School
Makayla Haar - Lake Park Elementary School.jpg

January 2014

Abigail Samedi - Gulfview Middle School

Abigail Samedi - Gulfview Middle School.jpg

T.J. Jeffreys - Saint Ann's Catholic School
T.J. Jeffreys - Sain Anns Catholic School.jpg

Tess Anthony and Tiffany France - Gulf Coast High School

Tess Anthony and Tifanny France - Gulf Coast High School.jpg

December 2013

Armando Guilarte - Naples High School
Armando Guilarte - Naples High School.jpg

Aubrey Howard - Naples High School 

Aubrey Howard - Naples High School.jpg

Julianna Doran - Naples High School

Julianna Doran 1- Naples High School.jpg

Scarlette Velez - Naples High School

Scarlette Velez - Naples High School.jpg

Virginia Cassin - Naples High School

Virginia Cassin - Naples High School.jpg

November 2013
Angelina Mullin - Naples High School
Angelina Mullin - Naples High School.jpg

Darby Horne - Gulfview Middle School
Darby Horne - Gulfview Middle School.jpg

Mateo Chahwan - Sea Gate Elementary School
Mateo Chahwan - Sea Gate Elementary School.jpg

Megan Ayan - Saint Ann's Catholic School 
Megan Ayan - Saint Ann Catholic School.jpg

October 2013
Emma Lippert - Sea Gate Elementary School
Emma Lippert - Sea Gate Elementary School.jpg

Emma Sullivan and Jamie McGuire - Fleischmann Park and Community Center
Emma Sullivan and Jamie McGuire - Fleischman Park and Community Center.jpg

Mia Frothingham - Saint Ann's Catholic School 
Mia Frothingham - Saint Ann Catholic School.jpg

January 2013

DSCF1899.jpg   DSCF1899.jpg

November 2012
DSCF1558.jpg  DSCF1561.jpg

October 2012

1.jpg  2.jpg