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Canine Unit

The Naples Police canine team is trained to perform various task related to detection.
These tasks include:

(1) Tracking to assist in locating fleeing suspects and locating lost or missing people. 

(2) Building searches to assist in clearing buildings and individual rooms for safety. 

(3) Area searches to assist officers in detecting and locating people and articles of evidence in wooded or open areas.

(4) Basic officer safety to include officer and dignitary protection. 

(5) Narcotic detection to include exterior vehicle sniffs, interior vehicle sniffs, luggage sniffs, interior aircraft sniffs, school locker sniffs and building searches. 

These capabilities benefit the public and officers by making the best use of the canine’s speed, agility and sense of detection to best serve this community. The Naples Police Department canine team is considered a dual-purpose team and can also performed handler protection and suspect apprehensions when necessary.