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Public Art Advisory Committee


The public art advisory committee advises the City Council on matters dealing with the dollar for art program as well as to develop approval guidelines, policies and procedures for the acquisition of public artwork in the city either through loan, donation or purchase. The committee will also assist the City Council by receiving public input, providing technical advice, and making recommendations for the matters within the committee's jurisdiction and duties as set forth herein. 


 (1) Prepare guidelines, selection procedures and organizational policies to implement this chapter, subject to approval of city council. 

(2) Oversee the public art program and make recommendations to city council for final action.

(3)Such other responsibilities and duties assigned by the city council from time to time.

Who serves on the PAAC?

(a) The public art advisory committee (PAAC) consists of seven members as follows:

(1) One member of the city council as appointed by city council serving ex officio.

(2) Four members being private citizens, residents of the city, with knowledge of and appreciation for the visual arts. Citizen representatives may not operate, own, or be employed by any art dealer, art gallery, artist's representative, or other entity which derives income from the sale or display of artwork.

(3) One member representing the von Liebig Art Center;

(4) One member representing the United Arts Council,