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Design Review Board


The purpose of the Design Review Board is to promote the public health, safety and general welfare by reviewing proposed petitions and recommending regulations necessary to:

(1) Preserve existing areas of natural beauty and cultural importance;

(2) Assure that buildings and structures, along with associated signage, landscaping, lighting or other development, contribute in a positive way to the public environment of the city;

(3) Prevent the development of structures or uses which are not of acceptable exterior design or appearance or are of inferior quality or likely to have a depreciating effect on the public environment, or surrounding area, by reason of appearance or value;

(4) Consistent with other provisions of this Code, eliminate conditions, structures, along with associated design, landscaping, lighting, and signage, which by reason of their effect tend to degrade the appearance, health, safety or general welfare of the community; and

(5) Provide a continuing source of programs and means of improving the city's public environment.

What is design review?

Design review is intended to be a process for owners, architects and developers to work toward achieving a better community through attention to simple design principles.  Those principles are identified in the guidelines of the City of Naples Design Review Handbook. 

Design review is not intended to address zoning issues.  Please refer to the City of Naples Comprehensive Development Code (CDC) for zoning regulations.  If these design guidelines conflict with provisions of the CDC, the latter shall prevail.  Design review offers a flexible approach, an alternative to creating additional prescriptive zoning requirements, which will promote new development that contributes to the public realm.  The City of Naples Design Review Board (DRB) is a volunteer body with experience and expertise to discuss and review the design of a project as it relates to the guidelines and the Naples community.  

What projects are subject to design review?

The DRB covers aspects of architecture, landscaping, lighting and signage for the following projects:

  • New buildings;
  • Building additions over 1,000 square feet; or
  • Substantial changes to building facades

in Commercial, Multifamily, Planned Development (PD), and Public Service (PS) zoning districts.  Single family zoning districts are not subject to design review.

Who serves on the DRB?

The DRB is a 5-member board appointed by City Council.  The Board is programmed to include the following membership (to the extent that qualified volunteers are available):

  • 2 architects*;
  • 1 landscape architect*; and
  • 2 at-large city residents.

*Architects and landscape architects may reside in the city or Collier County.  Other members must live in the city.  The majority of Board members must be city residents.