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Planning Advisory Board


Naples Code of Ordinances -
Division 7 -  Planning Advisory Board

A planning advisory board consisting of 7 members and 1 alternate is hereby established. Selection, attendance and removal of planning advisory board members shall be in accordance with this article. The term of office for each member and alternate shall be 3 years and shall commence on May 1 of the year in which appointed. The presence of a majority of planning advisory board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, providing, however, that no official action shall be taken by the planning advisory board to adopt or amend the comprehensive plan, or component thereof, without the concurring vote of a majority of all members of the planning advisory board. The alternate member shall vote on business items only if 1 or more members of the board are absent.

In accordance with applicable law, all meetings of the planning advisory board shall be open to the public. All board records shall be public records. The local planning agency shall encourage public participation.

Prior to serving, each member shall qualify by taking an oath of office before the city clerk or a notary public.

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