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***Press Release / Vessel Outboard Motor Lower Unit Thefts***


The City of Naples Police Department is currently investigating several vessel lower unit thefts that have recently occurred in the City of Naples, Royal Harbor neighborhood.  Several vessel owners reported discovering their vessels’ lower units stolen from their boats while on lifts behind their residences.  Suspects are believed to be gaining access to the vessels by the water.  The lower units are removed by unscrewing bolts and pulling the lower unit down, separating the lower unit from the main shaft of the motor. 

 Preventative tips to aid in the prevention of vessel outboard motor lower unit thefts:

      Keep power off to the engine with a battery switch or remove connections to the battery.

  • Keep vessel outboard in the down position or in the water.
  • Install motion sensor spotlights, making sure light is shining directly on your vessel.
  • Position your outboard in well-lit areas.
  • Consider locking devices specialized in making lower unit removal difficult.
  • Position the outboard against or above an object limiting the amount of working space.
  • Consider a boat alarm which detects movement of the boat.

If you observe suspicious boats, vehicles, people, or suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please contact the Naples Police Department by calling the non-emergency line, (239) 213-4844 or Emergency 911.