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Cycling in Naples
Naples is a great place to cycle!

The City of Naples is a Great Place to Cycle!

The City of Naples, Florida, is a bicycle and pedestrian friendly city with over 30 miles of bicycle pathways (the city is less than 14 square miles) and cycle-friendly roadways.  New road construction and resurfacing is taking into account the need for bicycle lanes and the Naples Pathway Coalition is working to expand cycle and pedestrian links throughout our city.

Naples Bike Map

The Naples Pathways Coalition publishes a bike map, available at City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and here online.  This map includes bike paths and designated bike lanes, as well as roads with Share the Road designations for cyclists.  You'll also find popular tourist locations marked throughout the city.

2012 Naples Bike Map

Florida Bike Laws

Florida's bicycle laws are similar to most other states, and easy to learn and obey. Nationally, only about 30 percent of bicycle injuries treated in emergency rooms involve collisions with motor vehicles and fewer than one in 700 bicycle injuries is fatal.  In 70 percent of police-reported bicycle-motor vehicle crashes, the cyclists involved had violated traffic rules.  Download this brochure and know the rules.

Always remember though, even if you're obeying the rules, you need to watch for vehicles.  Being right doesn't make up for being dead.

Florida Bike Laws