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Reclaimed Water

The reclaimed water provided by the City is regulated by FAC 62-610 Part III which is defined as a “slow rate land application system with public access”. This type of system is the most stringently regulated reclaimed water system due to the fact that the areas irrigated are intended to be used by the public. The reclaimed water treatment process is continually monitored, sampled and analyzed by professional licensed staff as well as by computer assisted programs. When reclaimed water is used for a beneficial purpose, this use is called water “Reuse”.

Why Use Reclaimed Water?

Only 3% of the water on earth is freshwater and only 1% is available for human consumption. Reclaimed water is recognized as an outstanding, proven method of conserving fresh water supplies. As the demand for fresh water increases in Naples, the challenge is to develop alternative water sources to offset the current and future demands on our potable water resources. By substituting reclaimed water for potable or groundwater sources used for irrigation, we are conserving fresh water resources for Naples while utilizing a wastewater treatment by product that would otherwise be wasted.

Although nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorous are reduced in the treatment process, certain amounts of these nutrients remain in the reclaimed water. The City’s reclaimed water provides 10% of the total Nitrogen needs of typical South Florida landscaping. The reclaimed water also provides 100% of the Phosphorous requirements for typical turf grass, so there’s no need to add more.


Other approved uses for reclaimed water:

  • Street cleaning operations
  • Decorative fountains
  • Fire protection (purple fire hydrants)                                                                                   
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Decorative fountains

Non-Approved Uses:

  • Body-contact recreation
  • Drinking or cooking
  • Direct irrigation of edible crops/gardens that are not boiled or peeled prior to consumption (drip system irrigation ok)

Other Benefits:

  • Lower cost than potable water
  • Reduces fertilizer need by providing some plant nutrients
  • Keeps wastewater effluent out of bays and rivers  

Reclaimed water availability:

Reclaimed Water Expansion Program