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Water Conservation
                                Conserving Water

The City of Naples strives to provide the highest quality water and wastewater services for its citizens while continuously working to adopt a more sustainable program to protect the environment and waterways. Naples water originates from 52 wells on Goodlette-Frank Road and in Golden Gate. The water supply is excellent, but the State of Florida requires that we reduce usage of this finite water supply.

As the demand for water increases, a greater investment in capital facilities will be required to treat the water, resulting in higher utility rates to offset the investment. The less water used, the lower the future capital costs.

What you can do to avoid wasting water:

Manage your irrigation system

  • Set spray head zones for 15-20 minute cycles; rotor zones for 45-50 minutes

  • Irrigate only between midnight and 8 a.m.

  • Seasonally adjust irrigation timer according to the Mandatory Landscape

  • Irrigation Water Restriction Schedule

  • Prevent unnecessary watering by using a properly operating rain sensor

Detect leaks early-Read your Meter

Meters are usually located at the property’s front corner inside a plastic meter box. Open the lid of the brass meter. You will see a dial, a small red or black triangle. Ther is a also a needle that rotates clockwise and registers water consumption in gallons.         

water meter

When water passes through the meter, the small triangle will spin and

the needle will rotate. One complete revolution of the needle indicates
10 gallons of water, and the first movable number on the right will advanceone number. If all faucets in the house as well as the irrigation system are off but the triangle is spinning and the needle is rotating, there is a leak somewhere.

Water Saving Tips:

  • Use native Florida or drought-tolerant plants for landscaping

  • Use less turf, substituting ground covers or mulch walkways

  • Use mulch to help save water, protect soil from erosion,& reduce weeds

  •  Avoid over fertilizing

  •  Raise lawn mower blades to high settings

  •  Set a timer when adding water to your pool

  •  Set up a rain barrel

  •  Plant a rain garden

Leaks Happen

Consider turning off the water when leaving for an extended period. By turning off the shut-off valve, usually on the side of the house near a faucet, the irrigation system should continue to function. Anyone watching the home or providing pool service should be made aware the water to the house is shut off in case they need to add water to the pool or to hand water.