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Stormwater Management

City of Naples Stormwater Management

The City of Naples, located in Collier County, extends over nine miles along the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. The city encompasses approximately 15.93 square miles in total area (exclusive of recent annexations) of which about 2.0 square miles, or 16%, of the city is comprised of bays, waterways, channels and other critically important surface water bodies.

Stemming from the city's location in a coastal environment, low elevation / topography of land, substantial build-out and ongoing redevelopment activities, some areas of the city are more prone than others to nuisance and damaging flooding and also to a degradation of the quality of surface water bodies.


It is the responsibility of the city, through its Stormwater Management Division (in partnership with other departments such as Building, Planning and Community Services), to effectively and efficiently regulate, manage and maintain stormwater drainage infrastructure and surface water bodies to meet growth management goals of flood prevention, groundwater recharge, wetland preservation and water quality protection.

The stormwater management function is critical to achieving the city's current vision statement: "Naples shall remain a premier city by continuing to protect its natural resources, enhance city aesthetics, ensure public safety, and continue to improve the quality of life for all who live in the city and visit through the year."

Community Partnerships

Before, during, and after heavy rainfalls, residents of Naples are encouraged to help clear the drains near their respective homes.

To move forward successfully to preserve, promote, protect and improve the quality and use of surface waters together with mitigating severity of stormwater flood occurrences that result from rainfall runoff and tidal influences, each citizen and visitor is an important player in the city's stormwater management function. From vision statement to mission statement, to goals and objectives and to actual public use and enjoyment of surface water bodies in the city, each citizen and visitor is a partner in the process and, accordingly, we highly encourage and request you to become actively involved in local stormwater management concerns, issues and challenges. Please join the team.

Public involvement, participation and education in stormwater management is prerequisite to the city successfully executing its duties and responsibilities under the Phase II NPDES Permit, which was issued in November 2003 by the Florida Department Environmental Protection (FDEP) with legislative oversight by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Stormwater Pond Management

This short video explains the mechanics of Stormwater Ponds and how Beemats floating islands are beneficial for the care and maintenance of the ponds.

Beemats Video

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