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Online Payment Options
By Auto Payment:  Sign up online for automatic payments using the City’s citizen self service feature.  There is no fee and the account is debited on the due date. Once registered, enter in your new account number, select manage bills, then select sign-up for automatic payments.  You can also access other account information, including payment history, prior utility bills and consumption history. 

You can register your checking account once to begin making your payment automatically. Once you set up your account at the Utility Billing website, your bi-monthly bill will automatically be paid on the due date, which is about 20 days after you receive your bill. To sign up, follow the instructions in the Your Account Access section. Be sure to pay your current bill in your normal fashion, because this takes one billing cycle to update to your bank and your account.

By Internet:
   A one time payment can be processed through the website after logging into your account. Visit the Utility Billing website to register your account for online. A one time payment can be processed through the website after logging into your account.  Locate the bill you wish to pay.  Simply select “Add to Cart” to begin the payment process.  You will see the number of items in “My Cart” go from 0 to 1 items and a summary of the amount of the bill will appear in the grey box.  Next select Check Out.  Follow the steps listed on the computer screen that start with selecting a payment method, entering payment information, confirming your billing address and confirming your information.

Pay Your Parking Tickets Online - Note:  We are transitioning to a new software.
If you've received a parking ticket at one of our beach ends or parking areas with metered and permit-restricted spaces, you can pay it online with a Visa or Mastercard.

If your ticket was issued after June 2, 2014 
You will need the ticket number or vehicle license tag number and state when you sign in. These new tickets are eight digits or less.  Pay Your Parking Tickets Online (After June 2, 2014)

If your ticket was issued  before June 2, 2014
You will need the ticket number or vehicle license tag number when you sign in.  Most city tickets are nine digits.  If the ticket number has 11 digits, and begins with the number 13, please use only the nine digits after the 13, or sign in with the license tag (vehicle plate number).  C

Renew Your Business Tax Online
Naples City Code Section 34-63 requires that anyone who engages in or manages any business, occupation or profession, within the city limits must obtain a city business tax receipt, and pay the appropriate business tax before the commencement of any business. The business tax must be paid annually.  From July 1st to September 30th each you a business can renew their business tax receipt online.

To renew online you must register for a login. 
Renew your business tax receipt online.