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Beach Patrol
About Beach Patrol
The Beach Patrol Division works 7 days per week, 365 days a year. Our officers act as Ambassadors to our visitors, as well as to our citizens. They are not only there to monitor the beach ends, but also to assist our locals and visitors in retrieving lost items, finding their car, and to answer any question an individual might have.

Our officers are in constant contact with the Police Department, so be assured if there's a medical emergency on the beach,  the Beach Patrol Officer has the capability of reporting it immediately for rapid response time. Continual patrolling also allows the officers to always be aware of the beach surroundings. Their presence is a crime prevention deterrent. 

The public is in constant contact with all sorts of wildlife such as pelicans, terns, sea gulls, sea turtles, and manatees. In some cases, rescuing injured wildlife becomes an essential function of a Beach Patrol Specialists job. Events like the removal of hooks from these creatures and transporting them to the Conservancy of Southwest Florida happens on a regular basis.

Beach Parking Enforcement
The beach parking for the City of Naples requires the resident or visitor to have a beach parking permit, or pay-by-space. This is enforced year-round.

Beach Parking Permits
  • City residents: beach permit may be obtained from City Hall
  • Collier County residents: beach permit may be obtained from any Collier County Park or Public Libraries
  • Visitor beach permits may be purchased from City Hall's Finance Department for $50

Parking Meters
  • Cost is $0.25/6 minutes
  • $2.50/hour
  • Quarters accepted
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted  

  • All City Parking areas offer the pay-by-space option
  • $0.25/6 minutes
  • $2.50/hour
  • Quarters Only
  • Credit/Debit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

Prohibitions and Enforcement
City ordinances prohibit the following:

  • Pets on the beach 
  • Glass on the beach
  • Alcohol on the pier
  • Shark fishing from the pier   
  • Soliciting or peddling  
  • Jumping from the pier
  • Fires on the beach
  • Vehicles on the beach or dunes

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Beach Patrol 
Phone: 239-213-4888

For questions, comments, or concerns
please feel free to call or email.