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Finance and Accounting Division
About the Finance and Accounting Division

The Accounting Division has five members and a manager that are primarily responsible for preparing the annual financial report (the audit), and maintaining the City’s general ledgers and each transaction impacting them, while assuring accuracy and legal compliance as it relates to:  

  • Coordination of the annual audit
  • Receiving and recording revenues
  • Paying bills (Checks & EFT).
  • Tracking Fixed Assets: including depreciated equipment, vehicles and infrastructure, etc.
  • Processing Payroll, including pension and taxes
  • Processing and Auditing employee travel requests -- view audited travel requests here --
  • Bank account management and reconciliation.
  • State and Federal reporting such as sales tax, gas tax, unemployment tax, unclaimed property
  • All pension board and pension management duties

Deputy Finance Director Gary Young
Email: or 213-1815 

Accounting Manager, Tom Eaton
Email:   or 213-1817