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The City of Naples Fire-Rescue Department Training Division is dedicated to the safety, health and well being of the Fire-Rescue personnel. The Training Division will strive to provide the most effective, efficient and prepared firefighters, driver/operators, and officers in the State of Florida. The Fire-Rescue Department will focus on firefighting, medical emergencies, aircraft rescue and firefighting, technical rescue, surface and underwater rescue, vessel salvage, hazardous material incidents and community service events.

The Training Division will utilize the knowledge, experience and innovation of the Fire-Rescue personnel to expand the quality and quantity of training. The goal of the Training Division is to reduce response times, provide a higher level of service and increase services offered to the citizens and guests of the City of Naples. Fire-Rescue personnel will be intricate in meeting this goal.

"You won't rise to the occasion, you'll default to your level of training"  - Barrett Tillman