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Services and Programs
The City of Naples Fire Rescue Department recognizes the importance of public fire and life safety education and offers a diverse Fire and Life Safety Education Program to the community. The Fire Prevention Bureau continually assesses the potential risk and hazards in the community and designs, develops and implements new programs accordingly. The programs have two components: prevention/safety and survival. Fire and life safety inspections also provide an excellent opportunity to educate and promote positive interaction with the community.

There is an emphasis placed on educating high-risk populations (Senior citizens and children under the age of 5). Fire does not discriminate and everyone has some level of risk. Therefore, fire and life safety programs are offered for all age groups and different types of occupancies. Below is information on some of programs and services offered. 

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Programs for Children 

Day Care Program
This program is designed for the fire department to have a strong presence in the day care setting. Emphasizing to this at risk group of children firefighters are friends. Each day care facility sees fire department personnel at least 5 times a year (fire inspection, 2 fire drills, fire apparatus demonstration). Programs are offered to day care staff for CEU’s and parents. (Fire Extinguisher Training, Novelty Lighter Safety, and a new online fire safety and emergency planning program through Department of Children and Families).

Fire Safety House
The Fire Safety House teaches children important fire and life safety information. This is a “hands on” demonstration where the children participate in “touring” the Safety House. The Fire Safety House is appropriate for ages three and above. Some of the topics covered include: Stay Low and Go! Get Out and Stay Out! Know 2 Ways Out! Have a Safe Meeting Place Outside. E.D.I.T.H. Smoke Alarms and Stop, Drop, Cover your Face and Roll.

Police and Fire Youth Academy
The one-week program will introduce middle school student, ages 11 to 14, to careers in Law Enforcement, Fire Service and Emergency Medical Service. Students will be involved in classroom and practical exercises. The Academy is offered two times, a week in July and a week in August from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Space is limited to 20 students for each academy. Planned activities include First Aid, Friends and Family CPR, Water Safety, Basic Water Rescue, Boat Safety, Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher Training, Fire Behavior, Gun Safety, Demonstrations by Special Operation Teams, Crime Scene, K-9 and much more! The Naples Police and Fire Department’s “2007 Youth Academy” won the 2007 Outstanding Crime Prevention Program of the Year from the Florida Crime Prevention Association.

Every other year the Fire Prevention Bureau provides instruction in performing proper CPR to approximately 250 Naples High School students in the JROTC Program.

Community Service Hours
Community service hours are offered to any high school student who participates in Community Education Programs. Some of the students have volunteered to be Youth Instructors for the Police and Fire Youth Academy, others have volunteered to pretend to be disaster victims for mock drills.

Programs for all ages

Fire Station Tours
Provide an opportunity for people to visit the firehouse and firefighters. This is a great opportunity to educate the community on home fire safety.

Fire Apparatus Demonstrations
Provide the children with an opportunity to meet the firefighters, learn about the equipment on the Fire Truck, and see a firefighter in gear. They will also have the opportunity to spray water out of a fire hose with a firefighter. All of this helps to alleviate fears children might have and make them better equipped to handle emergencies. This demonstration is appropriate for all age groups.

Fire Drills
This provides a great opportunity to encourage the occupant to review their emergency plan and to discuss primary and secondary routes. Encouraging children to practice fire drills at home, know 2 ways out and to have a safe meeting place outside.

General Fire Safety Classes

Any fire or life safety class requested can be developed to meet the needs of the community. 

Home Safety Survey
Every home has hazards. Let’s minimize your risk. This program is customized to meet the needs of your home by reducing hazards and educate your family. Topics covered include: Fire prevention and safety, Fall prevention, Drowning prevention, Hazardous chemicals, Carbon Monoxide and more. 
Fire Prevention Week
The City of Naples coordinates countywide-multiagency activities for the community. Fire Prevention Awareness Day is a free event that includes fire safety handouts, giveaways, puppet shows, tours of the fire safety house, apparatus display, face painting, and visits from Sparky and Smokey Bear. The annual event attracts close to 2,000 people. 

Programs for Adults 

  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Crowd Manager Training
  • Senior Citizen Fire and Fall Prevention
  • Emergency Exit Plans

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program
The City of Naples Fire Rescue Department is part of a multi-agency program that involves working with the other fire districts, the 2 dependent fire departments and another municipal fire department in conjunction with the Naples Police, Collier County Sheriffs Department, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Agriculture, Collier County School Board, State Attorney’s Office of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, Florida Division of Forestry, Florida State Fire Marshals Office and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Children ages 3-17 maybe selected as candidates for this program. Children may enter the program voluntarily or court ordered to complete the program.

The Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program includes lecture, video, reading and written assignments. Parents/Guardian is required to attend a portion of the class. The class is approximately 8 hours in duration, delivered over several days.

Since 2006, the City of Naples Fire-Rescue Department has had four (4) children attend the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program. Of the four children, 3 participated in the program on a voluntary basis and one (1) child was court ordered to complete the program. All four children were male. The ages ranged from 5 years old to 8 years old. All four children lived in low-income housing and were unsupervised at the time of the incident. The child who was court ordered to successfully complete the Juvenile Firesetter Program, had his charges changed from felony arson to criminal mischief a misdemeanor charge. This provides the child with a one time only second chance and will afford him the ability to receive future college scholarships and better employment options. None of these children have been caught playing with fire since completing the program.

Collier 2-1-1 Collier 211 is an Information and Referral Service available to all residents and visitors in Collier County by dialing 211 or searching their website. 

Smart 9-1-1
Create a secure profile and include any information that you would want first responders to know in the event that you have to call 9-1-1.  Once you have established a profile, anytime that you call 9-1-1 an icon will appear on the dispatch screen and the dispatcher will be able to access the information that you wanted to provide (medical conditions, medications, etc. ).  The profile must be updated every 6 months to ensure the information is current. You will receive e-mail notifications when it is time for an update. NOTE: You can set-up a profile now.
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