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East Naples Bay Taxing District

In 2008, City Council established the East Naples Bay Citizens Advisory Committee by combining the former East Naples Bay Special Taxing District Advisory Committee with representatives of owners of those properties within the boundaries of potential related dredging projects in the area.  City Council recommended increasing the members of the East Naples Bay Citizen’s Advisory Committee from 5 to 7 to assure adequate representation of all eastside property owners.

The Committee makes recommendations to the City Council as to the maintenance of the East Naples Bay Waterways System.  This includes maintenance dredging in the canals and surrounding waterways, maintenance of necessary aids to navigation, monitoring of the condition of seawalls and advising the city manager or Council of maintenance concerns, surveillance of surface water pollution and other evidence of degradation of the ecosystem, and development of budgets for the work and scope of work in any contracts for professional or construction related services.

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