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City of Naples Interactive Forms

Forms on this page are interactive and you can fill them in on your computer, tablet or other device then print them out and sign them.  To do this, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader version 11 or above, which can be installed free from Adobe.  These forms do not work with third party readers, such as those which may be built into your web browser.  You must open them using Adobe Acrobat in order to use them as intended.

Mac users:

To ensure your document is opened and completed properly, please following the steps below.

  1. Ensure you are using a minimum of Adobe Reader version 11 (or greater), or a copy of Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Download and save the form(s) your desire to complete to an easily accessible location on your computer (i.e. to your desktop).
  3. Run Adobe Reader ver. 11 or greater (or Acrobat), and use the File>Open menu from within the application to find and open the document saved in Step2, above.
  4. Once the document is open, completed and return as instructed.

Building Permit Forms & Fees

Download forms and fee documents:
  1. Addition or Alteration - Commercial
  2. Addition or Alteration - Multifamily
  3. Addition or Alteration - Single Family
  4. How to Assemble Plans Correctly               
  5. Detached Garage Permit 
  6. Change of Contractor
  7. Chickee Permit
  8. Construction Site Management Form
  9. Construction Temporary Use Permit
  10. Contractor Registration
  11. Demolition Permit
  12. Driveway Permit
  13. Electrical Permit
  14. Estate Sale Permit Application
  15. Exhaust Hood System Permit
  16. Extension - Reissue Form
  17. FEMA Form  
  18. Fence Permit
  19. Fire Alarm Permit
  20. Fire Hydrant Flow Test
  21. Fire Sprinkler or Underground Fire Line Permit
  22. Fire Suppression System
  23. Fuel / Gas Permit               
  24. Garage Sale Permit - No Fee
  25. Generator 
  1. Marine Permit
  2. Mechanical - Plumbing Permit
  3. Miscellaneous Permit
  4. New Construction - Commercial
  5. New Construction - Multifamily
  6. New Construction - Single Family
  7. Notice of Commencement
  8. Owner Builder Disclosure
  9. Furniture Storage Request Form
  10. Power of Attorney
  11. Private Provider Application
  12. Revision Form
  13. Roof or Re-roof Permit
  14. Sample Notification Letters                                      
  15. Screen Enclosure
  16. Shed Permit
  17. Shutter Permit
  18. Sign Permit
  19. Site Work Permit
  20. Solar Permit
  21. Sub-Contractor Confirmation
  22. Swimming Pool/Spa Permit - Private
  23. Swimming Pool Permit - Public              
  24. Temporary Use Permit
  25. Time-Specific Inspection Request
  26. VE Zone Design / Construction Certificate
  27. Weekend Work or After Normal Hours
  28. Window or Door Permit