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Emergency Repairs and Water Damage
Emergency Repairs / Permits
When the need for a building permit exists, and the Building Department is closed, the Florida Building Code does provide for repairs to be made under such circumstances. A permit application shall be submitted to our department the next business day or penalties may apply.

Contact for Emergency Repairs / Permits
We require all contractors to contact the department as soon as emergency repairs are determined to be needed. These repairs usually involve the replacement of a defective electrical service or HVAC system, but other conditions could apply. When performing emergency work, contact the Building Department at  and include your name, date, business name, phone number, job address and the nature of the emergency work.

Water Damage Permit Procedure

Water damage to a building can occur at any time from a variety of conditions, including storms, plumbing failures, etc. The removal of water, damaged carpet, minor drywall, etc. can be performed by a properly-licensed water restoration company without permits or approval from the Building Department.

Exploratory / Forensic Investigation
One result of water damage is the possible need to perform exploratory or forensic investigation. To perform exploratory / forensic work, apply for a permit using our Demolition Permit application:
  • Include a simple, 8.5 x 11-inch drawing of the building or area that the exploratory work will take place in.
  • Provide as much information as possible.
  • Under the Description of Work heading, enter “Investigate building for hidden damage associated with water leak."

Permit Issuance
These permits are often issued over-the-counter or within 24 hours. Remember, this permit allows for the removal / opening of building elements but not actual repairs. A final inspection will be required to close out this permit.

Additional Work and Permits
As a result of the Demolition Permit, it may be found that additional work will be required to the building. This work shall be submitted to our office on the appropriate permit application (Multi-Family Addition-Alteration, Commercial Addition-Alteration, etc.) and cannot be issued until the Demolition Permit has been closed out. Permits are reviewed and issued in the normal manner. Contact 239-213-5020 if you have any questions regarding this procedure.