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Community Oriented Policing
Community Oriented Policing (COP) is based on the concept of the police and the community working together to find solutions to long term issues. These issues may include many non-criminal issues not previously handled by the police department.

In 1995 the Community Orientated Policing Unit of the Naples Police and Fire Department was formed. The unit members were each responsible for one of the six geographic areas within the city. This has since been changed to five COP areas corresponding to the five patrol sectors throughout the city.

In addition to the five COP areas, there are additional officers assigned to smaller geographic areas to deal with specific needs. These include bike patrol officers along 5th Avenue South and the River Park residential areas.

COP Areas and Officers
  • COP Supervisor
             Sergeant Kyle Bennett
  • Area One
    M/O Buddy Kent Bonollo                                                239-213-4869
  • Area Two
    Officer Sean Phillips                                                        239-213-4867
  • Area Three
    M/O Tyrone Davis
    • Crime Prevention Officer
  • Area Four
    M/O Steve Walden      
  • Area Five
    M/O Bill Gonsalves
    • Crime Prevention Officer

Tax Incremental Funding (TIF) Officers
  • M/O  Matthew Doyle                                                        239-213-4861               
  • M/O Vito Cianciulli                                                          239-213-4862