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Streets & Traffic
Streets and Traffic Division
The Streets and Traffic Division handles all of the street and traffic signal lighting as well as street signs and street maintenance. If you have a street or lighting concern please feel free to contact us using the information below. If a traffic control device, either a light or a sign, is causing an emergency situation, please call 9-1-1 to report it. 

Traffic Signals
The City operates and maintains 46 traffic signals within the City limits. Collier County operates and maintains 283 traffic signals in the unincorporated areas of the County which generally includes areas north of Pine Ridge Road and east of Goodlette-Frank Road (including those two roads).

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                2017 - Quarter 1

Intersections maintained by Collier County:

  • 13th Ave N & Goodlette Rd N
  • 14th Ave N & Goodlette Rd N
  • Fleischmann Blvd & Goodlette Rd N
  • Golden Gate Pkwy & Goodlette Rd N
  • 22nd Ave N & Goodlette Rd N
  • Coastland Center on Golden Gate Pkwy
  • Naples High School on Golden Gate Pkwy
  • Bears Paw on Golden Gate Pkwy

To report traffic signal issues within the County, please call 239-252-8260 or email: 

To report traffic signal issues within the City (south of Pine Ridge Rd and west of Goodlette-Frank Rd.), please call 239-213-5000 or you can report it through our Request Tracker.

*When reporting an issue, please include time of day, location and direction of travel.

Street Lights
The City currently has a total of 2,976 street lights. We maintain 1,358, and Florida Power and Light maintains 1,618.

If the street light has an 11 digit pole number (e.g. 7-6284-4668-09), the light is owned and maintained by F.P.L. You can either report those directly to F.P.L. via their web form or by calling 239-262-1322. The City can also report it for you as a courtesy. F.P.L. requires 5-10 business days for most work to be completed.

All street light issues can be reported by calling 239-213-5000, or through our Request Tracker. It is best to have a pole number and the address closest to the pole, or a detailed description of the pole’s location when reporting street lights. 

Pavement Management
The City of Naples has 112 travel lane miles and 58 miles of sidewalk that we maintain. If you would like to report a pothole or a sinkhole on a City street, or a broken sidewalk or trip hazard, please call 239-213-5000 or fill out the form in the Request Tracker.

Roadway Resurfacing Maps:

2015 Roadway Resurfacing Map
2014 Roadway Resurfacing Map
2013 Roadway Resurfacing Map
2012 Roadway Resurfacing Map


Streets & Traffic Division

Dave Rivera

295 Riverside Circle
Naples, FL 34102 

Fax: 239-213-5010

Monday - Friday
8:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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