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Permitting Hours Mon. - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

The City of Naples Building Department has a goal of providing the highest
standard of service to our residents and customers by enforcing the City's vision
plan and the Florida Building Code through the timely review and inspection
of construction permits.

About the Building Department

Construction Activity

Construction activity is allowed as follows:

    • Nonresidential areas - Monday - Saturday, 6:30 am - 7:00 pm
    • Residential areas - Monday - Saturday, 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Construction activity is NOT allowed on the following holidays:
  • Christmas  Day  
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • New Year's Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

"Attention Contractors - CALL BEFORE YOU DIG - it's the law.
Call 800-432-4770 (811) before digging.

Report Construction Site Problems

After Hours, Weekends and Holidays

The City of Naples Building Department has a representative on duty after hours, on weekends and on holidays to respond to complaints involving construction sites. Residents are encouraged to contact the representative whenever there is a complaint involving construction sites at 239-564-9109.

Regular Business Hours

During regular business hours, complaints involving construction site problems should be directed to 239-213-5043.

Requests are best handled via the City Clerk's Public Records Web Page

Please direct any questons to the Building Records Department at 239-213-5040

The Building Department is moving away from using the fax machine and has implemented an email system to increase efficiency. Please see below for new email addresses. Questions can be directed to 239-213-5020.

The City's Permit Processing system was converted to a new software system in August 2014. If you have not already done so, please register and set up a new account in Citizen Self Service via the following link:

You will need to contact the Building Department to get your Customer ID# (CID#) for registration. Once your account has been set up, you will be able to track the status of a permit or revision; review inspection results; schedule inspections and pay fees on line. You may still use the IVR system to schedule inspections by phone at (239) 213-7112.

In order to serve our customers in a more timely and efficient manner, as of April 1, 2015, customers submitting more than 4 applications will be required to make an appointment with our staff (239) 213-5020 or, after submitting 4 applications you may start the process over by returning to the front desk and signing in again.

Bald Eagle Policy-Maps

Solar Ready Construction Guidelines

On-line payment processing is now available for the Building Department.

Please DO NOT submit payments until contacted by the Building Department with the FINAL total amount due, or the Permit Application Status on the Self Service System indicates ACTIVE / APPROVED.

*Fees reflect estimated charges only until processing is complete.

Payments made prior to the process being complete, may require an additional payment to satisify the outstanding balance before the permit can be issued.

On-line payments will show as pending until posted/cleared. This process may take several hours depending on when payments are made. Payments are posted/cleared three times daily at 8 am, Noon and 4 pm. Permits can be issued once payment has cleared.

*NO refunds will be issued in the event an over payment is made.

The Building Department is moving away from using the fax machine and has implemented an email system for the following processes:

(Refer to the current procedure for Emergency Repairs and Water Damage)


GENERAL PERMIT QUESTIONS - Extension Requests, etc.
Note: ALL Extension/Re-issue requests must be submitted in person.

CO, TCO or CC REQUESTS - (active permits only)
*To avoid delays in processing, please do not make on-line payments within 48 hours of your CO/CC request. Payments can be made in person at the Building Department*
All Final Inspections, Surveys, Elevation Certificates and Storm Water Surveys must be complete before submitting a TCO, CO or CC request. Please see our Self Serve System to verify. See link below for information required to submit for a TCO.

Request for Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

Schedule the inspection as usual, select a.m. or p.m., then
Please complete the Time Specific Inspections form and submit to:

Time Specific Inspection Request form

Contractor Registration
State-certified and registered contractors that wish to conduct work in the City of Naples
must contact the Building Department at 239-213-5020 to obtain permitting and licensing information.

Sample Permits
Sample permit applications are available in our South Lobby Hall to help contractors in submitting plans in a manner to insure quick approval. They include:
  • Commercial Additions and Alterations
  • Multi-Family Additions and Alterations
  • FEMA Forms
  • Roof Permit
  • Window-Door Permit
  • Residential Generator

"Did you know the City of Naples has approximately "
  • 6,686 residential structures
  • 1,264 commercial structures 
  • 43 high-rise structures
  • 7,666 acres or 11.98 sq. miles of land
  • The city limit area is 16.47 square miles
  • A total population of 19,537
  • 2012 total market value $ 17,730,212,166

 City Ratings
The City of Naples currently is rated a Class 2 (Fire Rating) Community by the ISO (Insurance Services Organization). A Class 1 rating is the highest rating and a 10 rating is the lowest. This high rating benefits our residents by allowing them to purchase property insurance at a reduced rate.

The City of Naples has once again been awarded a Class 6 rating by the CRS (Community Rating System). This high rating allows residents to realize a 20% reduction in the cost of obtaining flood insurance.

The City of Naples currently rated a Class 3 BCEGS (Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule) for both residential and commercial buildings. A Class 1 rating is the highest rating and a Class 10 is the lowest. This high rating benefits our residents by allowing them to purchase property insurance at a reduced rate.

Thanks for visiting the City of Naples Building Department website, please check back soon for the latest news and information regarding your building permits and processes! 

Building Department

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Department of Environmental Protection
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