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Customer Service / Billing
About Customer Service / Billing
The Customer Service/Utility Billing Division can easily help with establishing a new account, modifying an existing account, or answering questions regarding services.  Often the first stop for new residents and the one division that everyone who lives in Naples will meet.

The City of Naples provides water and sewer service, solid waste collection, and stormwater management to properties located within the Naples city limits.  Water and/or sewer services are provided outside of the city limits.  The City meets the highest standard of water quality and wastewater treatment.  Operated as a governmental enterprise, revenues derived from these utility rates are used only to manage, operate, maintain, and improve the utility systems.  Utility bills are mailed every two months. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS: The City’s Utility Billing system will be converted to a new billing software beginning August 20th. Staff will be unable to respond to bill inquiries, estoppel requests or other account questions due to this conversion process from August 20th at 8:00 a.m. to August 26th at 5:00 p.m. We appreciate your patience during this time and we anticipate begin able to access your information on August 27th.

Additionally, all of the account numbers have changed, so if you have online bill pay with your bank or an account set up right now with your old account number you will want to immediately update these numbers. You do not need to do anything if you are on auto draft with the City. Please look over your bill carefully and report any concerns promptly.

Payment by Mail
Customers can mail their utility bill payment to:
City of Naples
P.O. Box 12124
Naples, FL 34101-2124

Payment by the Automated Sytem 24 hours a day
Customers who pay their City Utility bill by phone can now pay 24 hours a day,7 days a week,using the Interactive Voice Response.Call 213-1800 press 1 when prompted.  Have your Visa or MasterCard credit card number available as well as your City of Naples customer account number.

The City of Naples Customer Service/Utility Billing Division handles 18,000 accounts.  Billing questions can be directed to

More Information
For more information, contact the Customer Service/Utility Billing Division at  or 239-213-1800.