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1. Where can I find information on arc fault and ground fault circuit interrupters?
2. What building codes are in effect for the City of Naples?
3. When do I need a permit?
4. How should I assemble the plans required for a Building Permit?
5. Do pool heaters require a permit?
6. How can a general contractor make sure everything meets the flood level requirements?
7. What are the minimum requirements for a Temporary Permanent Power Inspection (#450)?
8. What is a Construction Site Management Plan?
9. What is a site drainage plan, and when do I need one?
10. What are the requirements for Temporary Use Construction Fences (TUCF)?
11. What are the requirements for installing mechanical equipment as required by Ordinance 56-41?
12. Where can I get information on new development stormwater requirements?
13. Where can I find information on Wind Debris Zones for my property?
14. What are the fire sprinkler and alarm requirements for plan review?
15. What are the requirements for structural fire separations?
16. How do I get a fire hydrant flow test?
17. Where can I find information regarding the new State of Florida statute requiring light roof and floor framing identification requirements?
18. When did the Florida Building Codes (FBC) go into effect?
19. Can a contractor install a company identification sign at a construction site?
20. Are there any special requirements when converting a condominium lanai to a conditioned living space?
21. If my job has a “Failed” inspection is an extra fee charged?
22. Bald Eagles and Constrution Activity
23. How do I extend my permit if it is about to expire?
24. How do I extend my application if it is about to expire?
25. Is there a certain way to submit plans for New Construction of a Main House and Guest House?
26. Do Construction Site Trailers require a permit?
27. Are truss plans required to be included when submitting a permit?