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Business Tax Receipts

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1. Do I need a city business tax receipt if I have one from Collier County?
2. How long is my business tax receipt good for?
3. How long will it take me to get my business tax receipt?
4. How much does the tax cost?
5. I advertise, but have no customers. Do I really need a business tax receipt?
6. I have three office locations in the city for my business. How many receipts do I need?
7. I work out of my home. Do I need a business tax receipt?
8. My office will be located within Naples' city limits, but my customers are in the county. Do I still need a City of Naples business tax receipt?
9. Where do I apply for a business tax receipt?
10. Where do I get information about Collier County business tax receipts?
11. Which business tax receipt do I get first, the city or the county?